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BBC Look North Shot

Sharon Barbour BBC @SharonBarbour  Mar 21   The bravest man in Britain? Filming in Tynemouth today with a man who can't feel fear @jordyuk @BBCLN

Dr Westons Casebook

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  Mar 1  On BBC 2 tonight at 9pm. Tune in to see me jump off a 400ft tower in the name of science. #manwithnofear

Filming a special in NY

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk will be on @madeintyneandwear with Mel and reporting back from New York on winning the Award!! yes i won

Made In Tyne & Wear, Cushing’s & New York 

A Bronze In New York

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk 2016 Very happy to win a Bronze at the New York international radio awards 2016 for Both side Of Dying. That 3 for this piece.

Three in a row for Both sides Of Dying!

2nd award for Jordy

Richard Berry‏ @richardberryuk  5 Nov 2015 Want to hear what a Gold #SRA speech programme sounds like? Listen to this by @CernikJordy https://soundcloud.com/charles- parker-prize/both-sides-of-dying-by- jordy-cernik-silver-2015 … @SparkSunderland

Its just gone an bloody won Gold!

Live on BBC Radio

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  10 May 2015 Yesterday's broadcast on BBC radio four extra, second place winner #charliesparkers

Both Sides Of Dying plays on BBC Four Extra.

Its a Silver award

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  28 Mar 2015  So came second in the Charles Parker prizes

Jordy take the silver in Glasgow

Never heard of them!

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  Aug 2013 Don’t know anything about there guys, but thanks anyway

“Read all about it, Man with no fear” click to read

In The National Press!

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk 23 Aug 2013 Great to see me and the wife in the national press to help build up for the great north run! very cool

Keep on donating, nearly at £2000! - click to read

Sky high and no fear

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  16 Jun 2013  So sky dive done and photos to come well done to Dhillon and go for it @timlitchfeild ho is jumping soon

All in the name of charity

All hands on deck

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk 2013 Climbed up a tall ship today, great view shame about the wind

Man the rigging, will the height of the sails stop him?

84ft zip slide time.

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  8 May 2013 Doing a zip wire over the Tyne and sky diving for cash for kids please read my story at http://www.justgive.org/rent-a-gob

Sliding the way to a £2000 total

Booked for BBC Radio

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk Will be on Lisa Shaw show @bbcnewcastle 4th April 10.15... #manwithnofear.com

Interviews on the Tyne

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk Interview and filming for the national press, see if it gets in? thanks to North News and Pictures.

Jordy on BBC 2 Medical Program 1st March 2017

Great filming for BBC Look North, 21st March 2017

Stop the press! down by the Tyne

Jordy on the Radio

Chronicle Live

manwithnofear.com @jordyuk In The Chronicle after last weeks interview.... more press to help get the story out there

On tin-ter-net

manwithnofear.com @jordyuk thanks for including me guys

More press coverage, click photo to read

Sunday Sun full page

manwithnofear.com @jordyuk Great full page in the Sunday Sun today! Next week Radio Newcastle

Full page of the Sunday Sun! thank you

Press has started!

manwithnofear.com @jordyuk Photo shoot at the Millennium Bridge got in the Northern Echo

On-line. click to read

On-line press as well. click to read

A Bronze In New York

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk 2015 an amazing pod cast about my Cushing’s by Trace Elements in The US. thanks lady’s

My Story goes around the glob - click to listen 13.30 mins

On-line press

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  Aug 2013 in the Female First, bizarre section? that’s weird!

Jordy’s a hit with the ladies! - click to read

Who Are Ya! Who Are Ya? - click to read

On-line support

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  Apr 2013 mixed in with all the other unhealthy people!

He makes the health news - click to read

In the Mail (on-line)

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  Apr 2013 in the national press, love the photo! not

Made the nationals - click to read

Made the big time!

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  Aug 2013 how on earth did i get there? thanks but

I made capital FM in... Nairobi! - click to read

Charity Hero!

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk Sept 2013 Cuffed to be nominated for a Community champion award for my charity work. thanks all xx

Real life Superhero!

manwithnofear.com‏ @jordyuk - 2, Apr 2017 I came number 2 in the Top 15 conditions that make you a real life superhero, beat by The Wolverine -

Beat by The Wolverine, click photo to read

Made the top 12 Super

power in China

manwithnofear.com @jordyuk I’m a Superhero in China!

Top 13 Superpowers - Chines new. click to read

I Do What NOW

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk 2016  As for Jordy Cernik, his favourite sport now is climbing by hand without any support equipment - Vietnam newspaper? The story has gone globe and is turning up in some strange place and completely retold!

Vietnam Newspaper has gone made - click to read

Im in a top 10, cool

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk  28 Mar 2015 made number 7, that’s not bad

10 rare diseases top 10, I’m 7 - click to read

Top of the flops!

RENT A GOB!‏ @jordyuk 2016 I made a on-line top 10, number 2 as well! not to shabby on thinks

Top ten bizarre malfunctions! - click to read

Live on the radio!

 Lisa Shaw Retweeted  manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  4 Apri  @LisaShawRadio thanks for having me on the show today x-

Great interview on BBC Radio Newcastle - click to listen

Local home press

manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  5 Apri 2017  @sheildsgazette thanks for the great write up, the article looks great cheers

Back in print, getting some great support  - click to read

Local home press

manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  5 Apri 2017  @sheildsgazette thanks for the great write up, the article looks great cheers

Local home press

manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  5 Apri 2017  @sheildsgazette thanks for the great write up, the article looks great cheers

National News Apr 18th

manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  18 Apri 2017  More national press, keeping fingers crossed!


manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  18 Apri 2017  Express as well! not bad

Small one in the Star

manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  18 Apri 2017  little insert in the daily Star (ohh Arr)

Hitting the US

manwithnofear.com  @jordyuk  18 Apri 2017  Great start to today’s press inserts

USA, Cool - click to read

Small but still the nationals  - click to read

In the posh paper - click to read

Good old Mail dose it again  - click to read

August 2017 - USA Trip

Thank to Disneyland Florida and there Expedition Everest Ride! sham it did nothing for me.....

Roller-coaster test!  - click to watch

Jordy hit Australia 

|Jordy BBC two film is shown across Australia after he dose a one on one interview for the show.

Man with no fear hit Australia!

Fear - OH No He Hasn’t 

Jordy takes to the stage with Ray Quinn in Cinderella at the Whitley Bay Playhouse 2017/18

With only 6 hours, Jordy had to take the stage - 

as the ‘Barron Hard-up’, when Actor David Burton took ill and was rushed to hospital. This would have been a very scary time of any one in his shoes, but this time the no fear helped him to pull of the last four shows and keep the show running. Thanks to Blue Genie Entertainment.

Its Ok To Be Different! 

RARE Daily 2018

Jordy get his story told in the US’s RARE daily, for all your rare conditions!

Jordy’s Story hits America

Sunderland Uni

promotion video 2018

Jordy tell how his dyslexia and medical problems, drove him to win a number of radio award and his masters degree..

Scary face in the Sunderland Echo 

Sunderland Uni follow

up story about me 2018

Sunderland echo dose a follow up story about me, my condition and my time at Uni...

Big Chief Sitting Bull!

2018/19 Panto. Peter Pan at the Playhouse Whitley Bay with Antony Costa from the boy band Blue.

Panto time for the no fear guy!


Feb 2019, great photo shoot with Joe Laws Photography for some up and coming projects.

New projects, New year!

Darcys Dream

March 2019 - great to be part of the #10lenghtschallangefordarcy

Charity time with the little splash monster

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